Louisburg College Softball

"Faith. Family. Team."


Is the foundation of who we are as a softball program at Louisburg College.  We strive to instill these values in each student-athlete that comes through the program in order to allow them to leave with a foundation for their future.  We view this motto as a 3-legged table because each part is equal in importance to us.  Faith is the cornerstone of life for us and it is the foundation by which we live daily as leaders of young ladies.  Family is twofold for us because our own individual families are of utmost importance, but we also want to create an atmosphere of family in our program daily.  Your teammates are your sisters and you stand together through the good times and the bad.  That leads to the third leg of the table, Team.  This means that what we are trying to accomplish is bigger than any one individual and that we may sacrifice our own interests and needs for the betterment of the team as a whole.


These are not taken lightly in our program.  We believe that in order for us to be successful, we must buy into each of these concepts wholly and be a small part of something really big and really special.  We have a lofty goal in place for this program, but it is very attainable: A National Championship.


Faith.  Family.  Team.  THIS is Louisburg College Softball.